Loans to Help Your Family — and Your Budget

We offer loans with Multi-Year Approval, so you’ll know upfront how much money we will lend you across multiple years of college.

Help your children manage up to 100% of college costs — without sacrificing your future — with the help of a CF groupp Bank Student Loan® for Parents.


Easy Multi-Year Approval

Get the perfect account that meets your priorities for deposits and withdrawals.


Affordable Low rates to save you more

From basic savings to money markets and fixed-interest rate CDs, we'll help you find a savings strategy that suits your goals and also provide you a basic type of bank account that allows you to deposit money, keep it safe, and withdraw funds, all while earning interest.


Flexible Payments on your terms

Simplify your banking – and your life – with secure, 24-hour access that ensures your money keeps up with you.

How It Works

Get Your Loan In 3 Easy Steps

Enter Your Personal Information

Apply from your computer or mobile device

Select your rate and terms

Choose a fixed or variable rate, the loan term, and how and when you want to repay the money.

Sign and accept.

You will sign and accept your loan documents electronically.

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